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Spend more time helping your patients while reducing your business risk.

Full-service reimbursement HUB and billing solution, from pre-treatment to case closure

Why Encyte™?

Concierge IVR and Billing Services with Industry-Leading Expertise

  • Live customer service with >100 years of insurance verification and billing experience
  • Team includes licensed and certified coders and auditors
  • Insurance verification support of your patients benefits utilizing local coverage determination (LCD) and commercial insurance guidelines to verify coverage so financially informed decisions can be made by both patient and provider
  • Preauthorization and predetermination assistance provided
  • Efficient, effective and specialized claim submission billing services
  • Doctors’ notes reviewed, helping minimize claim denials and wasted time sending appeals
  • Breadth of diverse experience to aid in successful audits
  • Partners with Evolution BiologyxTM and other leading technology solutions companies to support their reimbursement assurance programs
  • Additional product and insurance consultation along with reimbursement education programs available
    upon request


Simple, Optimized Digital Process

  • Digitized process enables fast turnaround times for insurance verification requests (IVRs) and claim submissions
  • Complete visibility of your account status in real-time
  • Easy to use portal to help drive proper claim submission
  • Built on a cloud-based, world renowned customer relationship management (CRM) digital platform

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